Responding COVID-19

Responding to COVID – 19

CMC continues to serve the youth and families of Hancock County.  Our programs are currently being offered remotely.  If you are in need of additional support please contact your Case Manager

To show your support to CMC use this graphic as a Zoom Virtual Backdrop in your next meeting.

School-Based Mentoring Programs:

School programs continue to meet virtually every week through Zoom meetings. We hope you will join us for these sessions.

  • Connect with your mentor and classmates
  • Participate in virtual games
  • Special presentations
  • Please scroll down for School-Based Mentoring schedule

Community-Based Mentoring Programs:

Mentors will continue to virtually meet with their mentees in our community programs.  Please make sure to keep your Case Manager updated with your current contact information.  We realize meeting virtually is not ideal however we value the importance of our mentees and mentors feeling connected especially during this uncertain time.  This connection could be in a variety of ways.  Below are a few examples to get you started.

Be sure to talk with the Caregiver about their preferred form of communication.

  • Text messages
  • Phone calls
  • Face-time
  • Zoom Calls or Google Hangouts

For a list of Community Resources during COVID-19 please click here.

If you need assistance setting this up, please contact your Case Manager through their email or calling Stacy Shaw at 419-348-7475.

Suggestions for virtual activities you can participate in with your mentee please click on this link:

Virtual Mentoring Activities:

School-Based Mentoring schedule:

Tuesday @ 2 PM – Cory Rawson School
Tuesday @ 3 PM – Glenwood and Donnell Schools

Thursday @ 2 PM – Jacobs School
Thursday @ 3 PM – Van Buren School
Thursday @ 4 PM – Arlington and Bigelow Hill Schools

These sessions are open to mentees and their mentors.  Please contact your Case Manager for information on how to log on to your session.

Nikki Hagerty -Case Manager

Nikki Hagerty

Danielle Steiner - Case Worker
Danielle Steiner

Kate Clymer
Kate Clymer