Volunteer FAQ

Volunteer FAQ’s

  • What is my time commitment?

    Volunteers must be able to initially commit to a six-month match, with the opportunity to extend beyond this if they would like to. It is expected that a mentor visits with his or her mentee 2-3 times per month. This can include simple outings like a trip to the park or time spent working on homework.

  • What type of child will I be matched with?

    As a volunteer mentor, you will be matched with a child 6-14 years old. Your case managers will learn about you through the application process to match you with a child with similar interests.

  • What type of background check do I need?

    After completing the application process, you will be required to have a criminal and driving background check. A Children’s Mentoring Connection case manager will check your references and conduct the criminal and driving background check.

  • Do I need any special experience, education or training?

    The agency will provide you with one-on-one education/training so that you are prepared to be a mentor. In addition, the case manager is available to discuss any concerns. Mentors come from all walks of life and do not need any special degree. Being a mentor requires a sense of caring, commitment and the ability to relate to a child all while being a consistent role model in his or her life.

  • How much support do I receive from the agency?

    You will be assigned a case manager who will work with you throughout the match. The case manager will be there to guide and support you in your match relationship.